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Looking for any and all help on 2001 Mack Midliner


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Hello Forum,

My name is Bonnie Jones and my Husband and I have a Tree service in Norfolk, Va. We bought a 2001 Mack Midliner Cabover a few years ago, and found out a short time later - it had an engine cylinder gone in it. :( Well, we are trying to find out what we can do with this truck since it is in great shape ( other than the motor is completly blown.) My idiot brother in law said he knew a guy who could rebuild it cheap. - yeah - Nothing is cheap - but $24k for a rebuild was more than we could take! The "guy" lost the heads! Hubby is thinking about getting rid of all the extras in the truck, and putting an old rebuilt 85' motor in it. Will it bolt up?

So here's my question(s) - What year motor will go in that truck? I think the motor is a DCi6 right?

Does anyone know of a salvage yard that would have one on the east coast?

HERE is the VIN # VG6AF05A92B550367 if that helps....

Any and all info is greatly appreciated. :)

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