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1993 CH613- white smoking exhaust -help needed

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I got a 1993 CH613 with an e7 eletcronic engine recently, and shipped it out of the US. It has given a series of problems on its first trip there, and the latest issue is excessive continous white smoke in the exhaust. There is no reported coolant loss, so I am temporary ruling this out.

The report I recieved recently was that the white smoke had become worse, which leads me to conclude it is engine related. The local mechanic is proposing a complete engine teardown and re-build, but its quite expensive. I am looking for help with items or aspects to troubleshoot prior to tearing into the engine, so we don't go blindly into the engine.

Any help will be appreciated.



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I have the same truck year and model and it was doing the same thing and after few days it lost all the power after a month in Mack dealer shop and calling back and forth the manufacture engineeries and replacing injectors and fuel pumps twice oil pump it turned out a piece of wire goes into the harness from the Computer to fuel pump was cooked and it was only giving certain amount of amps barely to start the truck. If this is your case try it out btw my truck was smoking white like hell. Good luck

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Definetly start with the ecm harness as Bulldogrider suf=ggested I had a 93 ch with an electronic E7 400 and had issues with the connector near the pump as well. I know now from talking to other Mack mechanics that the electronic pump was plagued with wiring issues, the first version had a plug in the back that wore out so the update removed that plug and hardwired the pump then the wires in the plug would got hot and melt the plug or the pins would get loose and cause several issues. I would say its a safe bet to start there, I just removed the plug by the pump and used solder and heat shrink to connect the pump and solved my issues. I hope thats it, if not its a pretty good bet you have a injector nozzle or pump issue if its fuel smoke. I would check the exhaust for a sweet antifreeze smell and usually there is a wet antifreeze slime coating the pipe if its a water issue,if it smells like raw fuel and its more of a blu/white smoke its probably injection. I would guess injection at that point and use a heat gun on the exhaust manifold at start up to find the offending cylinder and go from there. Good Luck.

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