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  1. That’s what I thought I will try it and let you know. If it’s running through ecm I should be able to reprogram it with tech tool, just a thought.
  2. True, but I’m trying to save some cost and work since that air line is already there.
  3. I bought myself a 2015 cxu highway tractor day cab then I took the 5th wheel off and converted the truck to a gravel truck with a dump box, I used the 5th wheel air line to operate the tailgate everything went as planned, the only problem I have that when I need to spread a load of gravel I raise the box half way up and I start rolling the truck before I open the tailgate but the 5th wheel switch on the dash won’t operate the tailgate in moving mode it’s the way it’s designed for the 5th wheel. My question is there anyway the make it operate In moving mode, although when the truck is stopped it opens but soon I start moving it closes automatically any help is much appreciated.
  4. I’m looking for owner manual for 2015 cxu pinnacle Mack truck I’m wondering if someone out there has it and willing to share. Thank you.
  5. I'm uploading a picture of the 4 pressure switches.
  6. I'm uploading a picture of the 4 pressure switches.
  7. Thank you Brad for the response, I looked above the brake pedal there is at least 3 of them.Which one you think I should check? Thank you.
  8. I have a 93 ch 613 since 2002, never ever when I apply parking brake the light shows on the dash, this morning out of no where I applied the parking brake and I was surprised to see the light goes on the dash. However tried it a few times and it kept working, then after I got loaded and went to the dump the light isn't working any more. Now I'm interested in fixing it but I don't now where to start, anybody can help me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced.
  9. I'm looking for the fuse panel diagram that shows whish fuse for what, the truck is 1993 mack ch613.
  10. I'm buying a truck has a c-15 cat engine 475hp with 1 million kms, i'm planning to put a gravel box on it, my question is how long this truck will run before i have to re-build it? or since the construction season is almost over should i re-build it in the winter and get it ready for another million kms? i live on the other side of montana border in canada and the mechanics here a so greedy and i was told on the USA side it is way cheaper to re-build the engine. tell me what you guys think and what do you suggest? thank
  11. i'm looking to buy 2 truck tractors either T800 kenworth or western star 4900 or 4964, year between 2003 and 2008, they must be heavy specs, wheel base ranges from 190" to 210", prefer day cab, removable sleepers are ok if its the right truck, outside breathers is a bonus. engine make is not an issue as long as it has some power(450 hp and up). please reply with what you may have and w'll make arrangment. thanks for reading this.
  12. It's 1993 ch613, engine oil cooler, and the tranny is Mack 18 speed.
  13. i been driving it since april 10 2012, truck dont work hard just city work, how bad can it be? is it too late to fix?
  14. i'm buying this ch613 gravel truck, the truck has an 18 speed tranny which only drives on low gears, and the guy told me that the oil cooler has to be replaced, so you guys think it is worth it the headaches buying it, is the tranny has to be replaced or is it repairable. the truck worth easy $30k when it is running, i'm only paying now $10k. give me your oppinions. thanks.
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