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Module For Mack E-etch!

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If you are looking to do a V-mack or V-mackII, I have used the Blixxton-mac. Buy from http://www.performancepartsdepot.com/ They are the cheapest around for the 1993 to 1997 e7 v-mac engines. 300 bucks got me one half to one mpg, real noticeable power, and great satisfaction on my 1997 ch613 that came factory at 400hp. (on the website, click hevy equipment vehicles, click more info below the (AG) tractor listings... any more questions let me know... :mack1: :bmod1: (plugs in inline on pump harness)

There Is No Replacement, For Displacement!!!!!

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20,000 Ohms! It's a good thing the fuel system can supply only so much fuel, otherwise you might be able to turn that engine to scrap metal. 400 horses is quite enough- many folks on this list are making a living with 237, 285, and 300 horse engines.


look! the IAT,we cheats the IAT..... today i have try the resistor 20 000 ohms (like -20 Celcius) ! my EGT warn up 50 -75 F (975F with resistor) (without resistor 900F) i think more cold = more fuel! the price for resistor is 1 dollars pack 5! good idea! yes or no!


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