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Checking Lifter Rise

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model E7-350

Recently blown head gasket, and we are trying to troubleshoot why. I have the head removed, and i used to digital micrometer to measure the rise in the lifters. They are as follows:

Cylinder 4;

Ex - .4320 inch

In - .3220

Cylinder 5;

Ex - .4240

In - .3165

Cylinder 6;

Ex - .4340

In - .3205

The Cylinder 6 is the one which blew out. Do these look like exceptable numbers for the lifter stroke?

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I assuming it is a Mack engine maybe an E6. Check the height of the liners. We had an engine a month ago with one(1) liner down and it caused the head gasket to blow. The lifters I believe have nothing to do with blowing head gaskets. I'll check and see what the height of liners need to be and report back as soon as I find that dimension. If the liners are down Mack makes shims to bring to back to specs.

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liner height 3 1/2 to 7 1/2 thousandths from top of deck

Proper Liner height for E7 Is 23 to 28 thou from the deck to the middle of the liner inside groove! Any horse power above 400 your asking for trouble at anything less than 25 thou!

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