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Cracked trunion cover

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while servicing a 2000 mack cl713 i found that both trunion covers were cracked. One of them cracked worse then the other with chunks missing. A few of us at the shop just thought it was from a rock or something. After I pulled off the covers I found that the nuts were loose. Is a routine adjustment of these necesarry? How do you check for wear, and/or how often is a camel back overhault necesary? Also, what's the purpose of the spring loaded screw that's on the cover?

sorry for my ignorance, figured this'd be the best place to ask. Once i asked a guy at work what was behind the covers... He told me, "grease, just grease." Nice....

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It is from your truck walking (axles are moving left and right opposite each other) your bushings are wore out it is cheapest to get a whole new saddles with new bushing in it and put her on. Make sure you get u bolts tight they are supposed to be 1800 ft/lbs!

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You will have to rebuild your trunion, better know as rebushing. If they are moving that much to crack the covers, chances are the shaft may be worn also. I did a couple of mine over the years, not as bad as it sounds. The biggest problem is supporting the whole back of the truck to remove the shaft. There are companies out there that come to your shop to change the shaft if you have it ready which is what I did. I never had to adjust them until it was time to rebuild. You could however adjust them without removing the springs, but that will not help if the bushings are worn out. I know of the spring loaded screw but don"t know what it is for, never used it.

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