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And how would you like your omlet, sir?


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I have enjoyed breakfast omelets at all hour's, from Syracuse to San Diego, from Miami to the Pacific Northwest, and points in between. My favorite has always been a Denver Omelet and the best one ever was nowhere near Denver. Here is a new twist for your favorite, with the added bonus, that you can make them for the whole family at one time instead of individually. You can prepare the ingredients the night before and store them in the fridge, there is no grease, or if you have kids or grand kids big enough, they can help make their own.

To start you will need.

1 one quart zip lock freezer bag, per omelet

a large stew pot

2 eggs

whatever you like in your omelet, If you like white cheese and broccili steam the broccili a little before hand.

use the same proportions that you usually would.

Put some water on to boil, while you are loading your bags

crack the eggs into a bowl, stir them up a little and load them last.

Squeeze the bag to mix every thing up, then fold it to get the air out and seal it up.

When the water is at a rolling boil add the bag, or bags and boil for 18 minutes.

To serve, cut the bag with kitchen shears close to the omelet and slide it onto

a plate.

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