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R model will not shut down


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1988 R MODEL E6. Had a stuck rack, freed it up using techniques listed here. Truck starts, but will not shut down with fuel shut-off. Rpm also increases when engine is started. Plungers dont appear to be stuck and the barrels rotate. I also pulled the govenor off and it all seems to be operating properly. When I ran the truck with the govenor cap off, the lever moves from full fuel on start, to idle position. The truck will not idle though

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is the throttel lever tight to the shaft that comes out of the pump? a nut and bolt pinch that to the shaft.... same with the throttel stop? would advise you install a manual throttel stop before you keep trying to start it. Last thing you want is a runaway...and you dont want to stand next to it when it does run off.

Sounds like the pump has some issues?

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