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B81-Progress so far.

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As some of you know i bought that B81 that was in the for sale section on this web sight. It arived at my house a week before XMas. The friday before Xmas i tryed to get it running but the Series switch needed some tlc and i had to finish rebuilding a drive shaft for my plow truck. So that Sat. I got the switch back on and got it to spin over, not enuff fuel in the tanks to start it so i went got fuel cranked it over gave it a quick shot of either and off it went. Runs good but couldnt run it long as there was hardly any antifreeze in it. So the monday after Xmas i went to the local salvage yard and picked up 10 gallons of anti freeze.

This past Sunday i dumped it in and the water pump was leeking, i had another one so i figured i just change it out. Started to take the one off the truck and relized there where a few bolts broken off, one i could get out with vise grips another with a good center punch but that would still leave me with 2 broke off in the housing. Well i thought the best way to get them all out and clean up the holes was to take the housing off. I got it off and was looking at it and reliezed the area where the gen bracket should bolt to was broken off.

So im looking for a water pump housing for a B81 with a 673 Mack Engine. The number on the back of the housing is 771GB452A.

Thanks Paul

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