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Mack Truck Going To Auction Soon

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Howdy Macksters..I work for a township road department..We have 2 -RD690P single axle dumps..The '97 is going to be retired..The trustees decided to get a Navistar 7400 to replace this Mack..

1997 RD690P , EM7 275hp , 6 speed [ 5 speed with air lo hole], A.C. , 60,000 miles , cast spokes , 90% rubber , new brakes 6,000 miles ago [ gunnite drums , shoes , cams , bushings , slacks ],New exhaust 3,000 miles ago , 9' Crysteel Fortress dump body with telescopic hoist , Rexroth load sensing central hydraulics , Roller salt spreader[ Concord CRE-195 ], Bonnell 10' power angling snowplow , Torlock hitch , Pintle plate with spring loaded pintle hook , Not a rust bucket..Washed and waxed regularily ,Serviced every 6,000 miles with random greasing between service intervals..Very nice truck Whats it worth ?? I'd like to see $ 25,000 at auction..It cost $ 89,000 new..Am I dreaming or is this a reasonably price for this truck..This truck is almost fire department clean!!

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I think $25,000 would be on the low end of what that truck is worth. however, at an auction you never know. Would the township consider putting it on e-bay? You could list it, and put a reserve so as not to get burnt. Alot of government entities are selling vehicles on there now.

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