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ran across this today


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Ran across this today


1964 Used Mack B75 Truck for sale

Clean older truck w/Frt liner suspension and Cummins 855 Motor, Truck ran OTR up until 1995 when it was parked. Do have 2 Aluminum wheels and a new condition Dunlop Tire steer tire that will go w/the sale. Rear outside wheels are vintage 10.00 x 22s. Had all the intenions of restoring the paint this summer but have no time to complete.Call evenings from 6-9p CST for more info (615) 384-6695 Summary

bullet.gifAd # : 44287 bullet.gifCategory : Heavy Duty Trucks bullet.gifMake : Mack bullet.gifModel : B75 bullet.gifPrice : $10,000 bullet.gifTransmission : 13 Spd bullet.gifYear of manufacture : 1964 bullet.gifCondition : used bullet.gifAvailability : avialable

Got a call in to the owner waiting for return call was thinking of running it local on the weekends hauling corn to ethanol plant. Was wondering what you guys think?



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Been playing phone tag with the owner due to the holidays hope to touch base soon. I really like the looks of it although pictures can be deceiving sometimes but I still think it's something worth checking into. I just recently got out of the hot rod business sold a couple of street rods I had along with a couple extra motors and parts , pretty much everything that had hot rod on it lol looking for another toy and this is one I think I could actually make a few bucks with. Winter is about to set in here in Michigan I need a project we'll see what happens

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