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SCR,EGR on 2011

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Saw posting on another site that a driver had a 2011 Volvo with a list of problems with the sensors.Truck is in shop every week.Doesn't Volvo and Mack use the same motor and SCR-EGR system?I'm not hearing of sensor problems with the mack.I would like to get a 2011 or 2012 Mack but am holding off to see how they are doing.Right now my choice is Mack or Paccar.I have heard very little about problems with these systems.

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We are not having any sensor issues that I have heard the Mp engines are doin just fine !The EGR SCR seem to be thought out and working well as a team ! Im at a point I can say that I beleive Volvo Done good for Mack And I was A ney sayer when they took over!

the only real issue is the 7th injector it apears to have to be serviced every once and awhile and the flex pipe that is between the injecter and the Cat can crack the system can not tolorate leaks, NO LEAKS PERIOD!

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