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My review of a '12 CXU 613 w/M-Drive trans

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Please click on the link below to the article and photo's that I posted on The Trucking Report regarding a 2012 Mack CXU 613 with 505hp MP8 and M-Drive automatic transmission that I recently demo'd for 4.5 days courtesy of Colorado Mack Sales and Service. I'll check back to see if anyone has any followup questions to what I posted in the article.


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Sounds interesting, Volvo just introduced a variation on this engine/trans combo with the engine turned down to 425 horses but the same peak torque as the 505 horse MP8 at 1050 RPM. Sounds like it will give incredible mileage, but I wonder how long the transmission will last- beneath all the electronics this is still a single countershaft transmission, and in the bad old days before Maxitorques and Roadrangers those were lucky to last 500,000 miles. I suspect a customer who finds they have to expensively rebuild an automated manual transmission every couple years and can't unload it because no one else will buy it will not be a repeat customer. Wish Volvo would confine these automatic tranny experiments to Volvo and avoid sullying Mack's reputation!

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Quite interesting, what was the maximum altitude you were at during your demo and how do you figure it would do at lower elevations?

almost 11,000 ft on Vail, Eisenhower, Red Mtn. passes, Molas, Coal Bank, and Wolf Creek are all 10,000 ft. The run from Denver to Bridgeport, Nebraska goes from 5,300 ft down to 3,700 ft. The mileage was definetly climbing on the way, I suspect someone running on the highway with cruise control at lower elevations could easily get 8+ mpg out of this setup. Maybe shed a few pounds off this setup (light axles, smaller tanks (150 down to 120), and a single bunk condo) could maybe get a little better

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