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Time for a rebuild


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I was coming in today in my ole 92 RD690, and she started rolling white smoke from the bottomside. I guss it was coming out the blowby tube. My truck has the em7 300hp engine in it. Does anyone know how much does a rebuild run? Also what would I have to change to swap in a 350hp?

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I dont know what kind of oil you usually run...but i have heard when you first have signs of really bad blowby..to change weights to straight 40 and add a gallon of lucas..and you can get another year out of it. If it works you can start saving back for your rebuild or engine swap and keep earning. Also might be wise to pull the valve covers off and make sure the oil passages are all clear..i have seen them gunk up and cause blowby and give false signs of rebuilds.

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Well, everyone my motor is good to go. I had a leaking injector that was leaking fuel into my oil causing the oil to overfill, smoke and real low oil pressure. Got an injector from Mack, fresh oil, and she runs like a champ. Oil pressure is running on 60, what more can I say.

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