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Ideal Mack Medium Duty -

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Im looking at trucks now to pull a 3 wedge style hauler. Many use Ford or Dodges with the Cummins or Powerstroke. However, my thinking is a used medium duty truck would be much more up to the task.

Can anyone reccomend a later model Mack model & engine combo ? Fuel economy/reliability will be big factors.


Cuba, Mo

1960 Mack B61

1985 Mack R686

1970 IH Loadstar 1600

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If your looking for something like the DT powered IHC's or FL Freightliners, Mack doesn't offer one. When I worked for the local Mack dealer, one of our customers was a drainage tile company (plastic drain pipe, no weight-lots of bulk) who needed a medium duty truck. The one owner did all the spec work for them, spec'd super light weight R690's with EM-7's and 7 speeds, had a special order code for a super low profile, light GVW suspension/platform. Needed to lower the truck, in order to get as tall a rack as possible on the unit to put as much tile on as possible. It would have been easier for the customer to order a Lopro IHC 4900, but they like their Macks. Recently seen some low-pro Granites with their name on the door.

There is always a used Midliner or Freedom, but then your not getting a Mack.


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