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Please Help Me Identify So I Can Sell For Grandma

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Grandpa passed away unexpectedly in early February, and we are liquidating his enormous stash of equipment & trucks that he just never was given the opportunity to restore-it would greatly help grandma get into easier living & off the 20 acre farm.I start crushing, & scraping on Monday & just know this one should be spared!So if there is someone out there that can help me to identify this piece of history, and or help find a buyer (or provide some good resources to do so)-we would be so very thankful.

I am in the automotive field & believe from my research it is an E class from the late 30's, but I just don't know old trucks.

Thank you in advance for all your help sincerely,



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Jeff - thanks for posting. This could be an excellent parts truck at least for someone. It would help if you could tell everyone where the truck is located. I am not sure if all the lead time that you have is 4 days that people will be able to respond in that timeframe, but knowing location could allow for quicker decisions. It seems taht it is likely tha the truck is in the Seattle area, for too far for me to travel, but I would love to ramble though the barns and whatever you have. You'd be amazed at the stashes of parts that show up and also the value of tractor aprts these days.



Art Lawrence


Gaithersburg, MD

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The Mack is certainly an E model. It is a small E, there is no way to tell which one from the photo. The model number will be included on the serial number tag. The serial number tag should be on the seat base inside the right door of the cab. E-models also had a small tag on the center bar of the grille just below the top. Look at the grille and if it is not there you will have to get into the cab. If your grandpa had a title, the serial number will include the model number.

Sorry for your loss, good luck with selling his collection.


Interested in Old Trucks? Check out:


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