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Em6-300 From Endt675

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Ok, heres a thought....... I have a crack in a 85' EM6-300 2 Valve, However I have a good 1978 ENDT675.

Can I swap the turbo,injectors,and pump, onto the 675......... turning the ol' 675 into a 300 and would I need to change the cam? Or could I use the 675 as a donor block?

The only difference I can see, on the 675 the block has screw in freeze plugs, and the exhaust manifold bolts are horizontal versus the diagonal. And the injector pump is the older style.

P.S. I went to a local junk yard that used to have about 100 old Mack's inside..... Well wouldn't ya know they crushed them all :( The ol' R Model is slowly passing away, but still kick'n butts. :chili:

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