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Hi, Im new to Macks and new to the forum. I bought a 1973 R model tandem dump with a 300 in it. It has 2 sticks in it. My problem is that i dont know the shifting pattern? I was told it was 5 speed with Hi, Lo and Rev on the second stick. Can anyone tell me what the pattern is? I have searched the forums but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for.


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There is no Shift plate in the truck and there are Billiard Balls on the ends of the sticks.

I think 1 is left and down, then a standard 5 speed. the second stick I think is R left and up, direct right and down and Low up and right?

Does that sound right?

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sounds like a 6 speed to me,but i'm not too much up to snuff on the later model mack transmissions myself.As a matter of fact i'm not really up to snuff on anything. If it is a 6 speed,you just shift the one stick from low to hi with the main in first when you start off,then shift the other one on up to 5th.And from what I understand,you can also back up 40 mph...if you want to.

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You have a 6 speed the main is the standard 5 speed pattern. The aux has rev in the foward left position wich you can shift the main to any gear that you can handle. Low is foward and right should be used in first gear when in tuff sledding but we would use it if we were turning around and had to go back and forth with the main in 2ed or 3ed try it you will understand. High is back and right. When on road all you shift is the main rpm range is 1200 to 2100 Good luck

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