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Looking For Late Style (Gray Coler) R Model Evans Heater Box (No A/c Just Heat)

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Hi guys...looking for a gray Evans heater box for an R model or DM (both the same)Heat and defrost only, dont want an A/C box. If anyone has a clean clean unit sitting around, or would like to upgrade to A/C I have a mint red dot new style box I'll trade, my truck was a glider kit and the a/c was never hooked up, so I'd like to do away with the red dot and gain some more knee room! I'll buy one if nobody wants to trade, as long as its clean.

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Not sure what the Evens style looks like? I have a Heater only box thats out of my truck right now. Just has vents to the driver and passenger foot aera, only blows air to the floor and windshield defrost duct (no vents to the driver or passenger)

control panel has a knob for 3 fan speeds , tab for floor or windshield air flow, tab to control the heater valve(coolant heat on/off).

Let me know I would be intrested in the RED DOT unit.

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saw your other post. I will post pics of my unit. the steel is gray with a black cover. It can be sprayed Gray and look just like new. Has plastic glass in the panel with the levers. Fan blows and core was working when removed 3 months ago.

Might even have a spare new gray cover for you..

would be intrested in talking to you about the AC/heat unit....



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here are a few shots.

Currently the cover is black with the Dog on the box but I do have a brand new spare gray cover.

Worst part of the heater unit is the under side near the front corner. Fan motor had 3 speeds and levers worked the coolant valve and defrost vent. Wireing looked like someone had spliced into one of the wires.

it is used was quiet with no squeeks when fan was running. just the rush of air was heard. Kept the cab nice and warm in winter and did not see any leaks when running the truck.

Let me know what ya think.

post-17-094154600 1288316094_thumb.jpg

post-17-076826600 1288316197_thumb.jpg

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Hi Trent, the box looks to be in ok shape, I'm looking for one a little cleaner to actually put in the truck, being that the truck is late model I want to keep the interior looking as new as I can. Before I get rid of my red dot I want to make sure I have something as clean as the one I'm taking out. I would be interested in purchasing yours for cash if you want to sell it along with the cover, let me know. Thanks much -Sean

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