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I run 2 old trucks- a 1985 RW 613 and a 1963 B-75 strictly as a hobby. Usually run about 5000 miles a year- about half the miles are bobtail and half pulling a lowboy trailer hauling antique Caterpillar equipment to shows and demonstrations- mostly in Pennsylvania with a few trips as far west as Iowa and occasionally up into New York State.

Since about 1990 I have maintained an IFTA account for the trucks. I submit the quarterly reports and at least 1 each year is a “no activity” report (I don’t run in the snow and salt).

I got a notice in September that I was being audited for the last 4 years. There was a long list of records that the auditor was to have available for review. He called to set up an appointment and I explained that this was not a business and was completely non-commercial. He discussed it with his supervisor who said “do the audit”.

We set up the appointment and he was at my house for several hours and did a complete audit of all my records since the last quarter of 2006. I keep good records (for the most part) and that helped a great deal. He even compared mileages that I reported to the Rand McNally mileage program on the computer. All of my fuel receipts were compared to what I had reported.

The auditor was professional and pleasant and gave me some instruction and ideas to make my reporting easier

The final outcome was good- I had overpaid just over $100. If you don’t have a good system of record keeping an audit like this would have been a nightmare. Record every trip- write down the mileages by each state travelled and keep those fuel receipts.

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