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Head Swap?


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Hi, I am new to this site. I have a 57 B61 with a 711 non turbo and a duplex trans. My question is this. I have access to a 237 block(spun main bearing) and have tossed around the idea of swapping the heads, injectors, and water manifold off the 237 onto the 711. We put the spin on oil filters and oil cooler setup on already and wanted the water manifold for ease of plumbing. The water manifold hits the stock injector lines,so we were going to use the 237 injectors but the barrel(body) is shorter and we would need to use the 237 heads to make them work. With all that going on, is it feasible to install the turbo off the 237 also, or is that asking for more trouble than it's worth? The truck will have a welding body and crane on it but will only weigh approx. 19,000lbs. when finished. Any help/advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Greg

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Spin-on is the way to go. The luberfiners always leak like a sieve. Spin-ons are much easier. There are different number of head studs on the 711 model to model. The 711's were notorious for blowing headgaskets so Mack changed the number of head studs to have a better clamping area. Thats whats going to determine if it's possible if you put the turbo on the 711. You'll have to put the injection pump and injectors from the 237 on because theyre made to work together and you already know you need the heads for the injectors. If that would all work then you have to figure out what condition is the pistons in and if they'll take the extra air thats geting forced in there. If they got cracks or hot spots then theyll need replace. Parts for the 711 are hard to by. IMHO in the long run rebuild the 237. They're cheaper,more relible, and parts are way more readily available.

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