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Is It A Mack


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excuse my ignorance but if a premium has a renault engine and is made in france why do they call it a mack.has anyone got one what are they like...cheers

"Is it a Mack"? Yes, and no. At the time the "Mid Liner" series of trucks was introduced for the 1979 model year in the USA, Mack had no medium class 5, or 6, entries to expand into. It was much less expensive to enter a strategic alliance with another truck manufacturer, (Renault Vehicles Industiels) of France which was a major stockhold of Mack Trucks Inc. and use a relativley standard european cab layout. These in my opinion were a very good layout, but short lived. Poor parts support from anything but a Mack dealer was a large detriment to their popularity in this country. This of course limited parts availability in the aftermarket, and kept parts prices in the dealers expensive. Two very large stikes against numerically high initial sales, and a killer of repeat purchasers. I'm only speaking in my geographic area as they were much more popular in the eastern states.

I had two of the trucks and they both earned their keep. If the platform were still around, I'd probably have another.


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