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1973 F795 Mack

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Morning, Afternoon or Evening depending on which time zone ur in. I am a new truck owner, not a new truck just new to it. I have worked on a few in Texas at the city garage along with some construction equipment. I have just acquired a 1973 F700 Mack. The inside of the door states it is a F795. This truck is in pretty decent shape as it has low miles, 73,433 is what it shows on the odometer. The fella I am getting it from sold it awhile back to a guy that butchered the frame up stretching it out which I plan on fixing. I have a few ideas on how to do this but would love some input from some people that know alot more than I do and I figure this is the place to ask. They cut the frame right behind the fuel tanks and added some framework that is not close to the same size. They brought the truck back to the guy I bought it from because they welded the their mongomby frame crap up crooked and they couldn't use it after that. It has a couple of rust spots in the cab but I can fix that pretty easy. The yahoo's that had it also took the front brakes off and I have no idea what was up there, I looks like a rotor up front so I am guessing it had a caliper's????? And finally I am assuming this thing is 24 volts, all the ones I have worked on were but just want to make sure. This truck has the ENDT 866 maxidyne engine and a 5 speed transmission. I was told that engine was pretty stout. It has twin screws on the back which after I fix the frame, am thinking of turning it into a single. Any help or info would be hugely appreciated, thanks in advance!!

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I have done a few in my day, but for me to post it would take me 2 hours!! It seems what you want to do is is not that hard an I think I could walk you through it. If you wanna email me @ ernie67rt@aol.com I'll give you my phone # just get yourself a pad & pen & call me


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