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E6 350 Ambac Timing ?


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88 E6 350 4 valve ATA motor with Ambac pump, tag on motor and pump call for an initial timing setting of 18 degrees BTDC, I was wondering what you can safely bump the timing to for maximum performance ? Thank, Todd.

Hello Todd !I have not messed with turbos to experiment with more boost no answer for that one more boost will gain you nothing with out the fuel to go with it . The Timing could be altered to 22 degrees even as high as 24 degrees BUT I don't know what effect on performance or Life of engine to expect The timing changed as years moved on as emmisions changed. Hint ,On electronicly controled E7 the timing can vary between 12 and 24 degrees So I am making these statments as a guess that the fixed 18, degree timing on yours is a compramize number on a mechanical engine, as for the pyro temp usually taken at the turbo outlet on theses engines 1175 to 1200 max and wouldn't be pushing it past 800 - 1000 on pulls for extended periods!

Just my to pennys worth.

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By the way thank you fjh ! Great info as always ! I have not bumped my timing yet as my truck hauls ass right now with the fuel increase and other stuff I have done.... But you can prolly tell by my posts I can never stop tinkering so that will prolly be next on the "Mack do list" !

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