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Got harassed again Saturday night in Texas. Minding my own damned business driving down US82 at around 8:30 PM. Cruise control set at a GPS indicated 65 mph (which is the night time speed limit on the road). Bird dog starts howling, so I glance down at the GPS to make sure it was still showing 65 mph....it was....so I didn't think anything further about the cop going the other way....until I saw the brake lights. Yup. He flipped around and pulled me over.

Said my license plate light was burned out, and that was the reason for the stop. Had me get out of the truck...questioned me about where I was going and the pistol on the seat next to me (which was unloaded, enclosed in a case). He asked if it was registered, at which point I laughed, told him "Hell no it ain't registered! I don't live anywhere near Chicago, and that's the only place in Illinois that requires registration." He took the pistol back to his car to run the serial number.

What surprised me is he didn't say a damn thing about the shotgun in the rack hanging on the back glass. :blink:

Everything checked out, and I walked away 20 minutes or so later with a warning for a defective license plate lamp. Still pissed me off, though. I had somewhere I was trying to get to...wasn't doing anything wrong....and still I'm subjected to this harassment by LEO's...wasting my valuable time.

Certainly didn't do anything to improve my opinion of people wearing the badge. :angry:

2 citations and 3 warnings in 9 weeks....most of it for similar BS, too. This $#!t is getting old. :thumbsdown:

When approaching a 4-way stop, the vehicle with the biggest tires has the right of way!
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