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Need To Find Reliable Service In The S.e. !

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After being in storage for 2 years, last year I found that my '64 Mack C series with the 707 Thermodyne gasoline engine (6 cyl) is running very rough, won't accelerate under power, and smokes and backfires when I try. I brought it to Mack of Chattanooga and after 3k and 4 months, got back a truck with the exact problems I brought it in with.

At their recommendation, I tried SE Deisel of Chattanooga and now, after hundreds more, and another 4 months, they tell me that they suspect a valve/cylinder problem and have been unable to locate parts.

HELP! Does anyone know of a shop, or a private mechanic, that has resources to either find or manufacture engine parts to get my Mack back on the road? Here is the email I just received from SE Deisel :

"The valves are not seating in the head. Problem could be valve, valve insert, or piston burnt in valve, or a number of other possible problems that caused the valve not to seat. By the valve not seating the engine cannot fire due to loss of compression. We have called our Suppliers and have not found the parts needed. No valves, valve inserts or head gasket.

We put the valve cover back on engine and have pulled out of the shop.

There is the possibility of removing the head and after measuring the valves and inserts if they are needed we can match them to get something that will work. But that will still leave us with the possibility f not getting a head set.

If you have any availability for the head gasket set, head gasket, valves, valve guides, valve inserts, valve keepers and other components

needed to remove head, rebuild and install head."

I am not a mechanic, nor do I have contacts that have been able to help me (these are the two shops that have done prior work on this Mack over the last 20 years). I'm very frustrated that TWO shops have been unable to make the repairs needed. Obviously I can, and have, researched on-line, but would much prefer to get some input from other collectors, preferably here in the south, who may have experience with such places that might help me get this work completed. I hate to think I have to tow this back to the yard and leave it to rust as a playground oddity.

I can also be reached directly at my email acct of bbmyls2go@hotmail.com Please Help! thanks, bruceb.

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for I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep, miles to go before I sleep - Robt Frost

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Unfortunately it is almost 3 months later and the Mack still sits fading in the sun - dont want to authorize repairs that the shop wont guarantee and the shop is still unable to locate the proper parts to correct the problem in cylinder #6. On the bright side, my department just retired our old brush truck which was utilizing one of the Macks 2 original hose reels, so I am left only seeking a single hose reel to bring the Mack back to its fully original condition. (with the exception of the mechanical problems of course). So, still hoping this request may reach someone who knows someone in the SE who might be interested in tackling this repair job!post-3227-070301800 1287254872_thumb.jpg

for I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep, miles to go before I sleep - Robt Frost

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Bruce B,

For 707 parts try:

1. John Chalmers 717-334-8709 Let it ring he will pick up

2. Cal Little 717-566-8973

3. Matt Pfahl 203-544-1018

4. Jesse Miller Machine shop is known for making valves etc. and could be an option. 610-692-2193

Gaskets- Contact

1. Olsons Gaskets 360-871-1207

2. Matt Pfahl

3. John Chalmers

Worst case you could find a 707 from another truck and have it replaced.

Check SPAAMFAA website, or OLD MACK R US websites and should be able to find a good 707 or parts from those websites.

Good Luck


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also you can contact the radnor fire co. in pa. they had the engine on their B model completely rebuilt by a company in pa.,I would check it out get that engine running like new , so you can depend on it, it would be worth the money. where are you located in the south east?

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I'm down in Chattanooga, TN. I know there are several restorers to the north but was hoping I could keep this as economical as possible without

having to tag an extra $2000 to the bill for trailering it to an out of state shop. Heck, the local tow company wants $220 just to bring it 20 miles around the mountain back to the firehouse! ($150 "hookup fee") I'm not in a huge hurry (would like it to be roadworthy/parade ready by its 50th birthday in 3 years) so will try to find a reliable source for parts that the repair shop here would be confident in using - failing that I'll need to consider going out of state to a place like Allmacks or Pfahls to do a rebuild or maybe even an engine swap. Would love to find an outfit here in the south, but most of these Macks stayed pretty close too home so the experts are all up north! thanks for that information about the Radnor FD.bb.

for I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep, miles to go before I sleep - Robt Frost

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Thanks again, firemack - I did send off emails to both Pfahls in CT and to Kevin All of www.Allmacks.com in upstate NY yesterday (something I had assumed the shop would have already done but apparently they haven't). Kevin replied almost immediately that he has parts - so I will forward the list with him on top to SE Diesel and see if that might light a fire under them. Had a meeting with some guys at the firehouse as well as with a lawyer and I am going to consider incorporating as a non-profit so I can solicit donations for the restoration. Will have a webpage up shortly (got the domain www.hookerhosecompany.org) and will consider, if I can do any fundraising, going for the more expensive route of an engine swap.


for I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep, miles to go before I sleep - Robt Frost

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