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Waukesha Gaskets Needed!

1958 F.W.D.

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I have tried several vendors, only to be advised it is discontinued, no longer in stock, etc etc etc. This is for a Waukesha 140GZB Gasoline engine (548CID) manufactured in 1955. It is in my 1958 F.W.D. Firetruck. The answer from Waukesha is that they "no longer support or make parts for that engine." I contacted several vendors, and almost had it from www.agkits.com but they called me and said "never mind, Fel Pro discontinued it and victor no longer has it either."

**NOTE: Please do not suggest Jobbers Warehouse in Philadelphia, Pa. Their prices are so high I told them I would rather melt down the entire truck before I paid them dime one.**

Here's what I am looking for:

Victor's Full Set Number FS1889

Victor's Head Set Number HS1889

Fel Pro's Full Set Number FS7831C

Fel Pro's Head Set Number HS7831C

Can anyone out there suggest a good gasket guy that may have the above in stock, or perhaps even have these particular kits???? I appreciate any help anyone can lend me.


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FS1889 $150.00 plus shipping, have 1 only. mackb67@bellsouth.net or 931 388 2729 in the afternoon.

I LOVE YOU!!! Do you take a credit card over the phone??? Who should I ask for when I call (it would actually probably be my father that is calling.....) I will send an email....


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