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Ch 613 Won't Start With Key


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My 1990 CH 613 sometimes will not start with the key. You can jump it across the starter and it'll start right up. I've noticed that sometimes when you turn the key to the on position, none of the gauges or buzzers come on either. I can hear a loud clicking every time I turn the key on. I assume that's the constant duty solenoid. Is there a relay after that solenoid that could be bad? I noticed that solenoid is awfully warm after a while with the key on.

I've checked the battery cables and they're tight and I don't see any bad wires or connections. This is an intermittent problem that seems to be getting worse. Usually it'll start up in the morning with the key when everything's cool, but won't after that.

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I had that problem, turned out to be battery disconnect. Somethings would work, small electronic stuff (radio cb etc.). Since the disconnect breaks the negative side somethings did not need the amps.. Bypassed the disconnect all together since I never used it. Problem gone.

Hope yours is easy to fix like mine. Good luck.

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