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Epa 07 Fault Codes List

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Does anyone have a list of fault codes for the new epa 07 engines. I know it is built in to the software, but has anyone complied a list?

Mack does have a book that explaines most 07 emmissions codes (manual # 8-218)however it dosent explain how to repair. And also some codes are not in the book.

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So there is no way to get access to the troubleshooting info?

Mack Dealers have to use a computer program called Premium Tech Tool that is available to customers. The program has an application inside it called Guided Diagnostics to troubleshoot various problems. As far as paper literature is concerned there is not much available to customers. The online manual linked to earlier is a free download from Mack and may help if you're having a problem with a US07 truck.

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