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Moose is a b-61 single axle tractor built in Dec. 1959 and delivered to Trans Lux oil Co. in Titusville, Pa. How long it was there l cannot tell. The next place l have been able to place it is Moore excavating in Batavia, N.Y> Next owner was Mr. carlyel in Canandaigua N.Y. He sold it about 1990 to a Mr. Treichler who had plans to fix it up which never materialized. Moose then sat out in a patch of weeds with no hood or fenders on it for about 14 years. The engine was not covered nor were the windows rolled up. The water was drained but not from the compressor which of course split open. All of these events pushed poor moose down into the price range that l could handle. lbought it in Sept. of 04 and have been working pretty steady on it ever since. There was water in the following: fuel tanks {until the bottoms rotted out} air compressor{ until it split} oil pan {been welded}, fuel pump, fuel filter, and at some point in the engine which was REALLY set up! Doors and fenders were too far gone to saved, tires allrotted, door hinges and latches worn beyond use, you name it ! it was either worn out or broken, sometimes both. Now Aug. 06 moose is up and running good fenders and doors, almost ready for paint. Anyone out there able to shed any light on Moose's past?

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