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What Did My B Cost New?

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Hey , I was wondering what did just a regular single axle B 61 cost new back in the 50's or 60's? Just a ball park. I wanted to put that info on my display - Thanks

Don't know if this of any help to you,but when my grandad bought the B-61T that i started in, it still had a copy of the dealer delivery receipt in the glove box,it showed the truck as purchased was $17,464.88 including options and delivery charges. The only options listed were a bostrom "T bar" drivers seat,and a recording tachograph. Ours was number 3 of a fleet order of 20 to amerada hess inc. woodbridge,NJ Oct.7,1963. So i'm sure this was the "fleet" price,but might give you some idea what it was new, yours is real close in looks to the one we had.......Mark

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