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Vacation In New Zealand

Timothy Maikshilo

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Hi Everyone, It's been a long while since I've been on. Sold the cows in April and headed to New Zealand with the family and

stayed with by good friend Mr. "Road Use Charges"Nigel. What a great host and country. Everyone we met treated us very well.

Got to drive the CAT SHAGA Superliner and that was AWESOME! Went on a few wrecker calls with Nigel and got to go with the crew

transporting a milk tower from the east coast to the west coast. This was very cool through the mountains and valleys at 4.5

meters wide and 20 ft tall,80 ft long. Saw the most magnificent sights I have every seen and Christchurch is a beautiful City

where we stayed. Three weeks was not enough time to enjoy these great people and country. We will be going again in the near

future. Tim

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Welcome back. Bet it felt strange sitting on the left and NOT doing anything.

Any pics?

Yes I have a lot of pictures and spent a day at Bill Richardson's truck museum in Invercargill. One word WOW!

I also have some video driving Nigel's Superliner and I'll try to up load these. My new job takes up much of my time and

it may take a little while to post them. I would suggest a trip there to everyone and driving on the left takes a couple days to get

acquainted with. Trucks there are awesome too! Tim

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