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What To Watch Out For . . . .

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Ok, i am searching for a mid to late 1980's vintage R model tandem tractor. I found one reasonably local, and am planning on going out later in the week to take a look. What issues should i look out for in a truck of this vintage? How do i check things like king ping wear?


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look for a galvanized steel cab. I think those were 1985+ years = less rust issues

Look at sheet metal around rain gutter,window frames,door frames, under cab corners and door bottoms these are the most common rust locations.

if its a common early-mid 80s mack it will likely have a 285-300 engine. 5-6 speed 4.17 rears on camelback. if this is what it has

Check Trunion for cracks

check double frames for spreading

hood hindge aera for cracks in fiberglass

king pins will have to have the front of truck raised off the ground to see how much slop there is

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Check the steer axle tires for feathering. This is an indication of possible tie rod end/toe setting problems. Wear on the tires generally appears as no or almost no tread on one edge of the tire, and slightly increasing tread, in a staggered pattern, to the opposite edge. A tire worn on one edge as stated above but without the feathering is generally a camber problem and is most often kingpins or wheel bearing. Mack has specific guidleines for checking kingpins for acceptable play but they are much too technical to get into if you're just going to check it out.

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