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I ordered some hard to find around here "exhaust clamps", only option I had on shipping was UPS, I have absolutely nothing against UPS, hope im not stepping on toes here, seemed to me the shipping on clamps was a lil pricey, still need them so ordered them anyway, was just wondering if any companies ever use the flat rate deal going on with U.S. postal service now, if it fits in box, it ships for one flat rate, no weighing. The price I paid on clamps to be shipped, will UPS get all of that or is some of it skimmed off top? just curious, again. One time, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away,,I ordered a carb. diaphragm for craftsman weedeater, it cost $2.00, it came in a postage due box the size of a shoebox, I had to pay $10.00 shipping due on an object as thin as a postage stamp, made of lite rubber, bout one inch square with a tiny dot of metal in the middle, yes, your classic diaphragm, They could have put it in an envelope and mailed it to me, for back then bout 35 cents. anyway,,just wondering again,,,Randy

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