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Mack Axle History/help Needed

Guest Macks and Brockways

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Guest Macks and Brockways

In the 70's I lived and breathed Mack literature as a young kid..but as I get older I am getting rusty..LOL. IT seems that 34/38 axles were a flat flange, 44 axles had a cone that came to a point with an edge and 50 thru 80 had cones with a rounded edge..for years thats how I ID'd them..maybe I was wrong all these years. My 89 superliner has obviously 50k or higher camelbacks but the axle flange has no cone..what am I missing? a little history would sure help me thanks!

Also I will further display my ignorance....at the trunnion ...some you see a cap with a grease fitting ..others you just see a bolt with a round tube..whats up there? I used to think the capped ones had a bearing and the others had bushings( rubber or bronze)..educate me please.

I just saw a granite that looked like 44k spring but had a cap at the trunnion, my r700 has 44 k but no cap..Thanks

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