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1962 H-70/160 Cummins


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This old H-70 still runs good,it has a small cummins engine 160,the problem is that it leaks coolant into the oil pan even when it's not running,if it sits for a few days it will leak a least a gallon or more,the engine runs fine no miss and no pressure going to the radiator and no oil getting into the radiator, could this still be a blown head gasket or crack in the head,do these engines have liners that could be leaking,I know it's leaking in the back of engine because the back sump on the oil pan is where all the coolant goes,nothing in the front sump.Anybody have any thoughts,I'm thinking/hoping it's just a head gasket. Thanks for any help.

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LOL,I guess nobody wants to touch this one,anyway I went ahead a pulled of the head today,what a mess milky slop all through the engine,I found one gasket that seals where the push rods go,looks like it blown out also can see signs that coolant was getting into the back cylinder the top of that piston was perfectly clean I guess it got steam cleaned I'm thinking that coolant was also going through the blown out gasket,got a few pictures,any thoughts are more than welcome.post-598-12684387009605_thumb.jpgpost-598-12684388208449_thumb.jpg



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