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Hinge Pin Mirrors


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We are restoring a 1952 L-series. Looking for hinge pin mirrors. The engine was bought new in the 50's and then sold when it completed its life at the department. We have since re-purchased it and are in the process of the restoration when we notice that the original photos had hinge pin mirrors. Any help would be greatly appreciated. By the way....love the site. Thanks

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welcome to the site, I had a 47 LS85 sold it after we bought a 54LS85 , on the 47 had the hinge pin mirrors with about a 4" mirror head which was very hard to see out of.also it only had one arm which vibrated when moving , did change to a 5x7 chrome head for better visiablity , if you now have a west coast type mirror you might be better off to leave them on it. good luck

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My local NAPA guy had a couple 'lolilpop' mirrors on the shelf. I tried one while I backed into the barn. Sure was a job, since I'm used to the 5x6 or bigger, with the fish eye lense on top and bottom. Shook all over the place while going down the road. Looks nice, but not functionally safe. It was removed before we left the station the next day, putting the bigger ones back on, both doors.

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