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08 Mack Titan Show Truck

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I saw in the truck paper a Mack Dealership has the 2008 Mack Titan tri axle heavy hauler Show Truck for sale for 139,900. Not a bad price. This truck should be a 2 year old mack demo unit also. I wounder if thats the only 2008 Titan out there? Also did they make a 2009 Titan? becuase I thought when the Titan went out for sale to the public for the first time there 2010 Titans. Now I see in the truck paper a mack dealer has a 2009 Titan for 132,000. I did not think 2009 Titans were ever made. Still I have not seen a Titan out on the road working. Maybe I will see coventrys Titan out on the road hauling a milk tanker. There only 30 miles up the road from me and its the very 1st Titan sold in my area. The white one is still for sale in Binghamton Mack And I think the Maron Titan is still for sale in Scranton Mack. They had them two for almost 8 months or more now. They were asking 144,000 for one. I wounder when the used Titans hit the market they will hold there resalevalue against other trucks compared to the Titan. I know the CL700 dont hold there resale value.


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It all depends on how you interpret the model year. The show truck was built in late 2008 to be showcased at the Con-Expo in March 2009. Technically it is a "2008", but its a 2009 model year. The same applies to the Titan's for sale at the dealers. They are technically "2009"s, but they are 2010 model years. It really depends on how the dealer chooses to list it, but more so whatever the VIN number says it is. If a particular Titan was built early enough, its VIN number might list it as a 2009.

And yes, the maroon Titan is still in Scranton.

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