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2007 Cxn 613

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I am looking at a similar truck, just not as "low mileage". The one that I have found is an '07 CXN 613 that has just under 300,000 on the clock. 427 hp with an Autoshift. New rubber, 217" wheelbase, all aluminum, looks really nice. Not local, so I haven't seen it in person. Are these riddled with problems like some I read about?

BTW, the truck won't be worked hard every day. It's a replacement for my tandem dump and F-450. It'll be pulling a 16 ton gooseneck with a backhoe or dozer on it, a cattle trailer, or a small belly dump. I could even single it if I wanted. If we want to go camping, it will become an RV hauler too (kinda insulting to a Mack, huh?).

So what do you say, pursue it or look elsewhere?

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That is ridiculous low miles for an 07. Something to think on. Is it an 07 emissions truck or just an 07 model year? As I'm sure you know, not all trucks built in 07 are 07 emissions compliant. So this may or may not matter to you. I know there are some places out in Cali that will not let you in their facilities without it. Just something to think about. What tranny does it have? What do you know about the previous owner? Was it a fleet truck or an owner/op?

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