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R600 6cyc smoking

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Hello everyone, I have a r model mack 72' with a 6cylinder in it, it also has a turbo. I am not a expert on diesels this is my first one, It smokes, blue smoke, right when you start it , it thins a little after it warms up but it still is blue, when I give it throttle it gives a big puff of white and a little black then to the light blue. Could this be engine adjustments, or maybe the turbo is passing oil, what should I check first . Or it might be the rings and sleeves. It starts right up should I do a compression test first maybe. well knowledge hopefully will be shared, or like always Ill just read my butt off, thanks everyone have a good day :)

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Hey Sidewinder,

It sounds to me like you have a '72 Mack! What you have described is rather common to a Mack, how does your oil look? Oil pressure? Fuel Mileage? I am not a mechanic, but my '95 with an E7 does the same thing every morning.


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blue smoke on start up can be unburnt diesel, or oil. white smoke may suggest water or coolant. If the truck is at operating temp. some grey smoke is normal. If it is alwasys smoking I would think there is a problem some where. does your PCV tube blow heavy smoke out the bottom? if so you might have a worn piston/liner bad ring etc....feel the toob exit at idle it should have a suction/press feel to it simmilar to a cars PVC.


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