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Trucking News: Ontario Cracks Down on Cell Phone Use While Driving

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The Ontario Legislature has passed a law banning the use of handheld devices to talk, text or e-mail while driving

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It's about time, but will it fix anything or just be a money grab for the government. I see way too many people in cars and in big trucks too, yaking on the phone or worse yet texting , there 's a time and a place for it. not in the middle of traffic, find a place to pull over or call back later, misshaps occur too often and too easy no matter who you are or how good you think you may be. It's not worth it.

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Global positioning system navigation devices, handheld communication and similar prescribed devices, commercially-used logistical transportation tracking systems, collision avoidance systems and instruments, gauges and systems providing information regarding the status of systems of the motor vehicle are exempted from the regulation. Drivers who are caught violating the rule can face fines of up to $500 upon conviction.

Apparently operators of commercial vehicles have 3 yrs to comply


GRANDKIDS :Gods little gift to us for not killing our kids while they were growing up

All I want, is just to be luv'd and for my Check Engine light to go out on my Volvo.

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