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B-Series Full Model List

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There are a lot of different kinds of B-series. Let`s make full list with descriptions. I`ll start, you continue please:

B13 -???? ( NEED HELP )

B20 / B30 - light series of B61.

B23 - ???? ( NEED HELP )

B31 - ??? ( NEED HELP )

B33 - I`m not sure, but I think that this is long base version of B30. Is it right?

B37 - only 1 truck is made. What special in it????

B41 - I know that it is with diesel engine. Which series is base for this - B30 or B61?

B42 - gasoline version of B61


B61 - let it be base model with diesel engine


B73 - long-hauler with Cummins engine

B75 - the same as B73, but with Thermodyne engine

B77 - ??? ( NEED HELP )


B81 - heavy version with steel hood

B85 - first diesel engine on the B series in 1956 year


B95 - ??? ( NEED HELP )

There are some other types as B50, B53, B47 and so on. Where I can find detail information about all kinds of B model trucks?

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