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E7 Power Steering Pump


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Hey Guys and Gals

Ive just today had a oil leak come from the power steering pump (from the spacer in the middle) after speaking to the mack dealer and finding a seal kit i was off to the truck tools in tow

Silly me after removing the power steering pump and the middle spacer i forgot to mark it so i don't know which way it goes back it has holes on 2 sides going from small and getting gradually bigger and i dont know if the the small holes go from left to right or right to left

and help would really be great

Scott M

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You forgot to tell us some important info but will try to help.If this is a vickors pump and the way to tell is a tag stating the model and make but will be blue in color.The center or cartiage will have the half of a arrow modled on it and that is the direction. Now the way you tell which way the engine turns is get some one to turn the engine when you watch the drive that turns the pump.Also be carefull and not dump the vans out of the rotor in the cartiage. If you do just thro away the pump and get a new one.There is a seal in front that you may want to replace when you have it apart.

glenn akers

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Yeah thanks for the info it is a Vickors pump i sat down last night and got it all figured out and back into the truck today working perfectly and yeah all seals were replaced

I notice one side has a small pot hole of some sort on one side and the other does not so thats how i knew which way it went back together

i also replaced the sump gasket today it seemed to be weeping alot and when i had it out the rubber gasket had gone hard and brittle it was leaking fairly bad at the back of the sump so i hope it was the sump gasket and not the rear main so if it doesn't stop then i guess the rear main is leaking so thats the next step i can only hope thats its not a major cost either way it has to be done

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