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How Can I Identify A Rear Axle?


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Hello. I'm trying to identify a set of tandems that are under an old DM. The truck came from an abandoned mine site and the VIN plate is missing. They are definitely Mack rears on camelback suspension. They are also the heaviest set I've ever seen. The axle flanges have 8 mounting studs all the rest I've seen had 6. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :)

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They're either 55,000 lb or 65,000 lb. rears.if they've got the 8 stud cone shaped axle caps.

Look at the differential model # (stamped on the flat surface just under and to the right of the input shaft on each diff), CRDP 112 (front) and CRD113 (rear) would be 55,000.

CRDP95 (front) and CRD96 (rear) would be 65,000.


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Look at the rear of the rear axle, just below and to the right side of the check plug, there should be numbers stamped, and with a camelback suspension they should start with "SS" if it is a 65,000# it should say SS65© or some variation. On early models you need a crossover chart to know the rating for a particular model, on later trucks the model numer was also the rating. Mack discontinued stamping the model numbers / ratings all-together several years ago, I don't remember exactly when.

The carrier (top unit)model could possibly be used on several models of axles. for example, the 112/113 series were also used on SS501 (50,000# axles). The carrier model usually was dependent on gross vehicle combination ratings, and maximum torque and horsepower requirements.


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