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What To Look For On An E-Model

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Hi guys

Hopefully off to check out a rather rough E in a few days. Found out about her last night and, although rough, the photos show her to be dry. Am trying not to get too excited as we don't know if she's still there.

Anyway, besides the chassis number, what other numbers/stampings should I be looking for to help ID her (if I can't find the chassis number)? Despite my love for Es, their relative scarcity down here means I can count how many I've seen on one hand (and not use all fingers!). I've never had a chance to crawl over one. Are there numbers stamped on the diff?

As always, I welcome any advice.


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If I'm remembering correctly,there's fairly large machined pad on the top right side of the pinion gear nose,facing up, that'll have the axle ratio on it;there might also be other numbers there too,but I don't recall seeing them. I remember looking down through the frame to read the ratio,hope it's not some other truck I'm remembering...

On the subject of rust,the belt line across the back of the cab,where the floor meets the back wall,seems to rust out. Mine really didn't have any rust to speak of other than that and some rust in the floor of the tool box under the driver seat.

You might also find rust around the windshield. For some reason,people tend to leave them slightly open,the weather gets inside and makes the frame and sill rust. Also,the cowl vent could rust if its drain has been plugged with dirt and leaves etc.

Now,maybe you can answer a question for me. Regarding door latch and window riser parts,do you know if B model parts can me used on my EH? I see a lot of that is still available for the B,but when you mention E parts,they act like you're trying to buy parts for a Borgwaard.

Hope the E works out for you!


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