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2000 Ch 613 Air Conditioning

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Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me.

I have a 2000 CH 613 with a AC problem, I have the schematics that come behind the power distribution cover in the cab. But they don't cover the diagnostic blink box mounte to the side of the radiator.

Can someone supply me with a pin out for the 9 wires that go to this box, I think I am missing a power feed to the box ,(the 10 amp fuse located behind the relay) is good. The red LED is blinking 4 times for open pressure switch or circuit. I have bypassed the pressure switches and checked continuity to the box. The low pressure switch seems to be open all the time ,But I have another problem because I cannot get power to the compressor clutch..

\ If anyone has a schematic or can help me out I would greatly appreciate it

Also could you give me the info on the low an high pressure switches , when they are supposed to be open and when they should be closed and what the pressures should be.

Regards Marc

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When we get a used truck in with one of thoes APADS boxes on it , we take it off and throw it away. One of the worst things I have ever seen mack put on a truck. If you dont have an air fan clutch its real easy to remove. Just unplug all the connectors from the APDS going to the engine harness, You should now only have 3 plugs, 1 single wire plug for the compressor, 1 double wire plug for the switch on drier and another double wire plug for the high pressure sensor (for air fan clutch only) on the line between the drier and condensor. Sometimes you have to buy an new drier to condensor line that has a place for the high pressure switch(only if you have an air fan clutch). Buy a factory standard high/low pressure switch and install on the drier and plug it in and thats it. If you have a air fan clutch you also need the high pressure switch. I can get you part# if you want. The APADS turns the standard simple mack a/c wiring into a nightmare.

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