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I have a bendix air dryer on a MR 688 and the air dryer seems to be "popping off" much more than usual.It use to do it very rarely but now it seems to pop every 2 or 3 minutes,way too much.No noticable air leaks in the system as it holds 90 -100 psi over night.I just read in another post there is a filter and unload kits at Truck Pro,I have never fooled with one before.Any input would be appreciated.

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Easy task too. 5 or 6 bolts on the top of the head and pop the old parts out and new in. Thats about it. 20 min job for a first timer.

Finally found the problem,I changed the dissectant filter and rebuilt the purge valve,didn't make any difference.Soaped up the lines and found a leak at the control line coming off the compressor,fixed.I went to Bendix.com and read some excellent bulletins they have available there.I learned if your air drier purges more than once every 4 minutes at an idle,there is a problem.Bendix offers a lot of information on their valves,wish all suppliers did this.

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