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I hadn't caught things up in a while because I was waiting for Paul, so I could copy his title.

Took my vacation a couple of weeks ago and just hung out. NoClueJoe came to visit and we had a good time...I think- haven't heard much from him since. We took the mixer for a little drive and went back to P.L. Duncan Trucking to see his old trucks. I can't say enough what a nice guy Mr. Duncan is, he talked and showed us trucks and told us their story. He knows where every one of them came from, what running gear they have, and everything else about them. He took us in the pickup to see the ones across the road in the power line.

Friday we stayed home and cooked ribs on the grill and Saturday we went to Lincolnton, N.C. to the ATHS truck show.

I was going back to work Monday but didn't get out until Tuesday or Wednesday because the truck was still in the Cat shop. They ended up replacing the wires or maybe put a new wiring harness on it. The engine light hasn't been on since anyway, and it's been running fine.

I went to Baltimore and loaded at Sparrows point back to Lynchburg, then from Lynchburg to Birmingham and loaded in Birmingham for Virginia Beach.

Came back through Petersburg and loaded another Baltimore, did the Sparrows Point deal back to Lynchburg, and back to Petersburg to load 60' piling going to Cleveland- on a 48' trailer. Snuck in after dark so nobody would see the overhang. I unloaded at a job site by the train tracks Wednesday morning then I had to pick up a three stop load that I couldn't load until after 1 o'clock, so I hung around and watched trains go by until about 12:30.

Got to Majestic Steel at 1:00 and left at 6:00. Had stops in Greensboro, Durham, and South Boston, Va. Got them all off Thursday then headed up rt. 501 to Gladys. Yesterday I went to Petersburg and loaded a load for Neville Island, Pa. It would have been slightly over gross so I had to take my tarps off the truck and go back across the scales for another empty weight- lightened me up 240 lbs. Left there grossing over 79,000 without the tarps on the truck and less than half full of fuel. Last time I was a little over the guy at the scales let me go load anyway, then let me lift up on the door while the truck was sitting on the scales. The woman in there yesterday is strictly by the book- a company man all the way.

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