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Help De-coding My Engine Serial Number

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I have a end 673-77-60 serial number stamped in the block in front of the injector pump drive. I was wondering what this number means...? I cant find the other engine tag, I may not be looking nthe right place, help?



according to my build sheet the number on the engine is not the same as the one that it should have come with, on the injector drive mount of the block, I guess that would indicate that its not the same engine.

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look near the top of the water pump. just behind it there will be a stamped number.. it would be near the top of the timeing cover. The 673 could be turbo or not.

EN = Engine

END = engine diesel

ENDT= engine diesel turbocharged

the numbers that follow the letters will desegnate the engine model such as a thyrmodyne, maxidyne, etc... and will also closely refrences the CID of the engine.


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