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  1. its from an 99 midliner the selenoid dose clic but i don t think it do its job after start up the truck smoke and smell like un brun fuel exaust for 15 min then run fin until it get to normal tempreture 180 and start to smoke and smell bad again dealer told my to swap selenoid frist see if it change
  2. hi, i am looking for a timing advence selenoid part number 4103-5010339466 but i dont want to pay 500$ for it like the dealer askany salvage yard may have it or do you any cross referance number that i can switch to
  3. turbo can be the problem if the turbo leak in the intake it can make exessive oil fume then picked up by the compressor and spred all over your system , check your compressor air intake line for oil in it
  4. thanks for the input but a have to argue with a saaq inspector ( like dot inspector ) and my batlle is far from over
  5. Hi, i am just a backyard mecanic but this truck is the frist one i see like this when the gouverner cut off , all the air produce by the compressor is blow off by the air dryer exaust not air from the tank just the exesse air produce by the compressor is it normal on a 99 midliner ??? thanks for your help
  6. thanks for the input yes check engin came on when it smoke what this selenoid look like ? by the way does anyone know the filtrer number for the secondry fuel filtrer the green one beetween the frame and the engin thanks
  7. Hi sorry for my bad english i just get a new mack mid-liner ms 300 with the renault enginbut it smoke like crazy when he is cold and sometimes when he is hot too it smel like un burn fuel like if i got a bad injector but bad injector wil be bad all the time ???? and i can find wich one by loosing fuel line can it be something else bad injector pump ? i also notice it miss the fuel cap so maby ther is water in fuel thanks Robert
  8. hi, i am new here i drive a garbage truck a mack 600 2008 with a mp7 engine and i got an anoying beep beep evry 5 sec or so until a clear that damm code then i am good for few hours can someone tel me wath m128 p98f1 stand for ? thanks
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